Schwarzrosagold is a design studio based in Berlin.
The name SchwarzRosaGold translates as Black Pink Gold and is derived from the German flag’s colors.
Our name is an expression of how we work:
We consider ourselves to be partners who embody many of the German virtues, including timeliness, diligence and efficiency, but with a nonconformist twist.

The three colors stand for our three areas of focus: text, images and brands:
In the beginning is the word. Black on white. The word to express a thought, an idea, a story.
The next step is imagination that leads into creation and expression of all visual, colourful and expressive as pink is.
Finally we work with brands and we design many things that make up a brand. Brands that stand up, stand out and stand for something. Simple, emotional and meaningful.
Because brands are valuable as gold.

Our website displays only a fraction of our projects. To find out more please contact us!